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Exhibition companies and exhibitors are facing an increasingly digitized world. We show you how the digital transformation influences the exhibition industry, which chances arise thereby and how they can be taken. Apart from optimising services offerings and processes, digital technologies support organisers and exhibitors in customer acquisition and retention and in generating additional revenues. Digital lead retrieval with Scan2Lead is a prime example of a “digital business“.

Werden Neue Datenschutzgesetze Die Digitale Revolution Verlangsamen?

Will new Privacy Laws slow down the Digital Revolution?

Privacy laws are changing around the world and becoming more restrictive to protect the rights of individuals at a time when more and more activity is digitally personalised. The European Union started enforcing the new GDPR laws from mid-2018 and other regions are putting similar regulations in place. But will these laws slow down the digital revolution or do they actually present an opportunity for online business by enforcing a more robust and clear basis for digital services?

Sollten 50% Der Schlüsselpositionen In Der Messebranche Mit Millennials Besetzt Werden?

Should 50% of Millennials be in Key Positions in the Exhibition Industry?

By 2020, millennials will make 50% of the workforce. They have completely different values and expectations. Millennials are a game-changing generation. The experience is more important to them than the brand. They have grown with amazon and Facebook and expect every experience to be as easy, fast and enjoyable. Has the exhibition industry to aim to have more of them in key positions?

Ist Virtual Reality Ein Ernsthaftes Risiko Für Die Messebranche?

Is Virtual Reality a serious Risk to the Exhibition Industry?

Driven by key players like Apple or Facebook or entire industries, e.g. the gaming industry, various technologies like Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are becoming more and more popular. But how do these technologies affect the exhibition industry and are they a real threat to the industry?

Verwandelt Das „Internet Of Things“ Messeteilnehmer In Dinge?

Is the Internet of Things turning Attendees into Things?

Using beacons, apps, connected scanners, sensors, smart badges and cameras all the trade show attendees’ whereabouts and actions are being measured. With the vast amount of data, using the increasing number of connected devices at the trade show’s disposal, organizers hope to discover deep insights about their visitors by looking at this data. But what about their individual needs, hopes and wishes, are they being forgotten? Is the Internet of Things (IoT) turning attendees into things?

Wie Veranstalter Den Umsatz Und Erfolg Ihrer Messe Mit Digitalen Services Steigern

How Organisers increase the Turnover and Success of their Trade Show with Digital Services

Digital services do not only enable the optimisation of service offerings for customers but also offer additional sales opportunities and extensive information to optimise a trade show. Digital channels and technologies are consequently indispensable for the acquisition and retention of customers and constitute an increasingly important source of income – and rising.

SWISSBAU: Mehr Leads Für Aussteller mit Scan2Lead

Swissbau: More Leads for Exhibitors (expodata 1/2’18)

Many Exhibitors often know too little about or do not use the existing tools which organisers provide for them to increase their trade show’s success. At Swissbau and many trade shows in Europe such tools to boost the trade show’s success are being employed.

Swissbau […] for example, uses Scan2Lead which facilitates the lead generation for exhibitors and even simplifies the trade show’s success for the attendees.

Leadtracker für Messen

State-of-the-Art Leadtracking for Exhibitors (expodata 1/2’18)

At Swissbau and many trade shows in Europe tools are employed to support the trade show’s success. Swissbau, for example, uses Scan2Lead which facilitates the lead generation for exhibitors and even simplifies the trade show’s success for the attendees. As one of the industry giants in Europe, adventics GmbH from Munich provides with Scan2Lead a digital lead retrieval service at the major trade shows in Europe for more than ten years now.