Contacts are the new gold

Whether advertising budgets, planned events or trade fair appearances: The sales and marketing world has not spared Corona either. In recent weeks, countless companies have rescheduled, cancelled and tried out a lot. Those responsible have asked themselves numerous questions: How much cutback can my advertising budget take? How much potential would my trade fair appearance have in a completely digital version? How can generated leads become paying customers as efficiently as possible?

How can trade fairs start safely again?

Mouth and nose protection and 1.5 m safety distance as well as comprehensive hygiene measures were and are indispensable in the Corona era. But how do you as a trade fair operator make sure that contact tracing in the event of a corona disease is smoothly guaranteed and can be passed on to the responsible authorities in an emergency? Find out here how this important step towards reopening the fair for exhibitors can be successfully completed with our help.

Digital Disruption in the Exhibition Industry

Artificial intelligence, Augmented Reality and many more digital technologies have matured to useful tools in the exhibition industry over the past twelve months. But still there is a uneasy feeling when talking to exhibition industry executives about digital transformation. This topic has been discussed with lots of executives during several plenary sessions at UFI events. Here are some of the most heatedly discussed statements and why there is still a concerning wait-and-see attitude.

The 2018 UFI Digital Innovation Award

UFI, the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, has named Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre as winner of the UFI Digital Innovation Award 2018, thanks to its cutting-edge HybriD solution.

Live-Session about Digital Transformation at UFI European Conference in Verona

Watch the entire session about “Digital Transformation” at the last UFI European Conference 2018 in Verona. The panel asked the audience, composed of event organisers, venue operators, associations and service providers, to participate and give their opinion in real-time using a polling system.

What is Blockchain and what will we do with it?

Exhibition World: Enrico Gallorini, CEO, GRS Research & Strategy, discusses Blockchain and its key role within the global exhibition industry. During the recent UFI European Conference in Verona the Digital Disruption Section introduced, for the first time, the theme of the Blockchain in the exhibition industry. In order to have a clearer introduction about this important theme, Exhibition World interviewed Enrico Gallorini.

Is the Exhibition Industry providing an outdated Customer Experience?

Slow websites, long registration processes, long queues… The exhibition industry provides a customer experience from 30 years ago, far from the convenience and speed of Google, amazon or Facebook. Some organisers are working on their interfaces, but very few really work on providing a significantly better customer experience.

Exhibition Industry & Digital Disruption – Full Feedback from the UFI Special Interest Group

At the UFI Global Congress 2017 in Johannesburg Gunnar Heinrich held a session on “Digital Disruption” with his colleagues from the Digital Innovation Committee. The panel raised different controversial and thought-provoking topics with the audience, prompting a lively debate over the pros and cons of each issue. View the full infographic with all results!

Is the Exhibition Industry only doing a Pseudo-Digitisation?

There are a lot of digital initiatives reported in our industry lately: IT departments are growing nearly everywhere, budgets are increasing and job titles that are pretty new in the exhibition business are arising. A “Chief Digital Officer” and a team with a start-up attitude seem to be a must-have. And it is also a must-do to talk about all these efforts, furthermost to the board of directors.

Is the Exhibition Industry the next to be Uberized?

Everyone knows what Uber did to the taxi industry, what Amazon did to distribution and what AirBnB did to the hotel industry. It has been witnessed how companies like Nokia, Blackberry and Kodak disappeared practically overnight because they missed the train of disruption. Could the same happen to the exhibition industry? Could a newcomer revolutionise the way trade shows are done? Could someone find a simpler, cheaper, hyper-personalized and super-convenient way to organise events without the traditional organisers and venue owners?