Digital Support for the new start


The trade fair industry is in the starting blocks: After months of Corona inflicted standstill, organisers and exhibitors are preparing for the long-awaited new beginning. In order to be able to guarantee this in the best possible way, everyone is working flat out on events with a suitable hygiene concept. And this can receive digital support from various sides. Here we present the questions that organisers currently have to clarify before the new start with regard to their digital helpers.

How comprehensively can all those involved use the data obtained?

We are convinced that data will gain much more value when fairs start again than we could have imagined before the pandemic. With the scan2lead app, we are ideally positioned for this. If fewer visitors go to trade fairs than in the record years 2018 and 2019, every new customer contact acquired will be all the more important for that. And even before the contract is signed, there are already numerous data treasures on trade fair stands that exhibitors only need to uncover: The start and reason for the stand visit, contact details, conversation details and follow-up actions for individual contacts are just a few examples of revealing information that can contribute to business success. The only thing is that exhibitors must also be able to work with it. Unfortunately, this is not possible with many other applications. This rapidly reduces the motivation to collect data at all. And that, in turn, leads conceived hygiene concepts ad absurdum, which depend on the collected data.

Will enough visitors be able to use the contact apps available?

There are some contact apps that are currently and frequently covered in the press in Germany, but by far not all mobile phone users have installed these tools. For the federal government’s Corona warning app, for example, the number of downloads exceeded the 25 million mark in the first quarter of 2021. And these are only mobile phone users from Germany. Making the installation mandatory is more complicated than expected, especially for those with company mobile phones, as visitors often lack the appropriate rights to run the mandatory setup. On the other hand, 100% of visitors have a badge with a barcode, because otherwise they are not allowed to enter the exhibition grounds. And scanning the badge is very easy – for example with applications from scan2lead.

And what about international visitors?

With the easing of travel restrictions, foreign trade fair visitors should also come more into focus again. But even for this group, some specialised app applications quickly reach their limits: even Corona warning apps from other EU countries are not compatible with each other and even if an EU citizen travels to another country, in many cases he remains bound to the offer of the app store of the respective home country.
Scan2Lead is the exclusive service partner for lead tracking for leading European trade fair organisers from Stockholm to Verona. More than 100 trade fairs already offer their exhibitors Scan2Lead as a system for digital lead capture. There, more than 10,000 well-known customers have already used our applications for their data in the past and will be happy to do so in the future.

Munich, 05. Juli 2021, © adventics GmbH