Quickly, to-the-minute, digital and in compliance with EU data protection legislation: contact tracing for re-starting your tradefair again

Use FairTracing to re-start your trade fair again! The digital procedure is the appropriate support for your hygiene concept. FairTracing records the course of visits and length of stay at individual points at your upcoming events completely contact-free. An integrated timer with push message function for exhibitors guarantees responsible handling of conversations lasting 15 minutes and a very effective limitation of contact persons. And health authorities can receive the collected data easily, quickly, digitally and encrypted in case of emergency.

How does FairTracing work?

FairTracing can trace the route taken by a visitor at a trade fair very precisely on the basis of the individual touch points he or she visits. After the entrance control and the first registration, the Scan2Lead app calculates probable time windows with each scan process, which precisely reconstruct and narrow down the paths and possible contact persons of visitors.

To do so, it uses the so-called Predicted Dwell Time (PDT). Key factors for it are the size of a stand and the number of the respective employees and their lead sheet activities. In addition, travel times based on the respective site plan will be included in the future. PDT operates according to the machine learning principle and is based on millions of lead transactions.

FairTracing also offers a push message function for a stay of more than 15 minutes at a specific location within the exhibition grounds.Whenever a visitor is scanned by an exhibitor at his stand, a timer starts measuring the duration of his stay. If a visitor leaves the stand and goes to the next appointment, the new scan stops the previous timer process and the clock starts counting again.

All these measurements help visitors act responsibly, lower the risks of infection and help to identify contact persons in case of emergency

The FairTracing procedure is based on our more than 15 years of experience as Europe’s market leader with the Scan2Lead App and represents a logical further development of our expertise in corona times. It is based on the recommendations of the UFI, the international trade fair association, for the safe restart of trade fairs.

FairTracing – the process

How does a fair with FairTracing work?

Visitors register at the respective trade fair and agree to the data protection regulations of the event. For the time being, the trade fair company has made the corresponding Scan2Lead App with FairTracing procedures available to exhibitors. Scan2Lead itself provides the infrastructure and service for exhibitors.

If an emergency occurs and an infection with the corona virus is detected at the fair, the responsible health authority will get in touch with the contact persons. To do this, the authority logs in to Scan2Lead and downloads the data in encrypted form. With the key provided by the trade fair, the authority is able to reconstruct the chain of contacts quickly, very precisely and digitally.

  1. visitors register and agree to data privacy statement
  2. tradefair organizer informs exhibitors and orders requested number of apps
  3. Scan2Lead provides infrastructure, data and service
  4. exhibitors scan visitors and receive data
  5. health authority requests contact persons
  6. Authority logs in to Scan2Lead and downloads encrypted data for this case. Subsequent decryption by provided key
  7. tradefair organizer provides key to health authority

The FairTracing process has numerous advantages:

1. Advantages for tradefair organizers

  • Digital supplement for hygiene concept
  • Communicating the message „tradefairs are safe“
  • Positive economic impulse for the business sector / record of success
  • Additional digital business model

2. Advantages for exhibitors

  • No transfer of business cards needed
  • Cost advantages through using a provided technology
  • Improved feeling of safety
  • Digital lead Information

3. Advantages for visitors

  • Improved feeling of safety
  • Voluntary and sovereign use of data
  • Option for digital information of visited exhibitors
  • No business card transfer needed

4. Advantages for health authorities

  • Traceability in case of reported infection
  • FairTracing also works in combination with other processes (e.g. Corona-App)
  • Digital data provision for immediate contact