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Benefits & Advantages


    The adventics team has a impressive track record in the exhibition industry. We know the demands and requirements of the trade fair business. For many years we’ve been providing lead tracking services for many well known Organizers and trade fair companies.


    Scan2Lead is operated in a rental model. That means the organizer doesn´t have to buy software, no servers, no barcode scanners. All the required technology for a show will be provided by adventics.


    Trustworthy coupling of every single license to exact one named device. No further usage of licences with oithers as the assigned devices possible.
    The administrator can perform a remote lock or even a remote delete for every device which is reported as stolen.
  • One of the most modern solutions

    The combination of smartphones, multi-device-support, exhibitor portals and cloud technology is unparalleled in the exhibition industry.

  • Much More Than A single Product

    It is a complete portfolio of products and services which will fit all business needs of your exhibitors. The exhibitor can chose the approriate combination out of the offered portfolio. All Scan2Lead products can be combined and all data can be accessed from one portal.


    No matter what combination of products have been ordered: All licenses and all settings can be configured from one single point of administration (Scan2Lead Portal). All visitors can be analyzed via a central reporting tool and exported into the exhibitor´s CRM.

What is Scan2Lead?

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Please send us your in-depth information package about the possibilities of Scan2Lead and what it can do for our business.

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