Scan2Lead CONNECTOR allows users to forward leads captured with Scan2Lead to their own marketing and/or CRM systems in real time and trigger the desired actions there immediately or on a time-controlled basis.

Numerous market-leading marketing and CRM systems are supported. The CONNECTOR allows you to connect to the leading integration platforms Zapier or Make. With these platforms, you can transfer the leads captured with Scan2Lead to almost any system, from CRM to mailing to ERP, all in real time.

The Scan2Lead Connector

Direct integration into marketing and CRM systems with the Scan2Lead CONNECTOR opens up a wide range of possibilities compared to conventional, manual solutions (export/import of Excel files):


  • Pre-defined templates can also be used for the follow-up of trade fair leads
  • Improved deliverability: The risk of emails ending up in visitors' spam folders is significantly minimised
  • The sender is the exhibitor's own e-mail domain and not from an e-mail address unknown to the visitor
  • The existing expertise in the marketing department can continue to be used; no new systems need to be learn

Discover various use cases of the Scan2Lead Connector

Automatic e-mail dispatch on every trade fair evening

Complete a mailing list in your e-mail marketing system via the Scan2Lead CONNECTOR. Send a thank-you e-mail to every visitor every day after the end of the trade fair. Use all the possibilities of your e-mail system, such as templates in the visitor's language. With Scan2Led CONNECTOR, for example, all visitors to the stand can automatically receive an e-mail at 18:00 on each day of the fair. Exhibitors can store various templates for this in the supported marketing system of their choice. For example, non-German-speaking visitors can automatically receive an e-mail in English.

Manual e-mail to selected stand visitors

In this scenario, the stand employee can mark exactly those visitors in the Scan2Lead app who should receive a prepared e-mail. Various templates can also be stored here so that, for example, the stand employee's contact details are sent to the visitor in addition to a thank-you e-mail. This option can be easily configured in the Scan2Lead questionnaire.

Follow-up e-mail to every stand visitor

In this scenario, a thank-you e-mail can be sent automatically to each visitor after a predefined period of time (e.g. 5 minutes after the scan). ("Thank you for visiting our stand today. Under the following links you will find further information about our exhibited products ...")

Automated interest-specific sending of follow-up e-mails

This scenario requires a little more preparation, but enables follow-up communication depending on the visitor's recorded interests. For example, the appropriate images, texts and product links can be automatically inserted into the e-mail depending on the product interest. The options depend on the email marketing system used by the exhibitor.

Automatic transfer to your CRM system in real time

Visitors recorded with Scan2Lead can also be automatically transferred to the exhibitor's CRM system along with their interests. Depending on the system used and the selected implementation, further actions can then be triggered, such as:

  • Duplicate matching with existing prospects and customers.
  • Update of GDPR-relevant information
  • Control of automated marketing campaigns
  • Automatic forwarding of trade fair leads to sales regions
  • Reports
    • Which of this year's stand visitors were also at the last trade fair?
    • Who of the recorded leads already belongs to our customer base and who does not?


With Scan2Lead 365, you can use our innovative app for your lead capture at any trade fair throughout the year. You can also use the Scan2Lead PORTAL as a comprehensive management tool for your events, users, licences, leads and lead sheets.